Custom Services

The Global Dialogue Center is pleased to connect you with custom services to expand your leadership, professional and personal development experiences. Each offering, whether the need is for you, your team or a small or large group, comes with a promise of personalized content designed to put learning into practice in ways that make it real and relevant to your organization.

Alex Pattakos, Ph. D.
author and founder, Center for Meaning; principal, The Innovation Group

Dr. Pattakos' array of custom services can be delivered...

  • in-person at your location or conference
  • at the Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, NM
  • virtually at our online Global Dialogue CenterConference Center

Living and Working with Meaning
experiences for discovering deeper meaning in your work and life

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring (work-related and personal)
  • Customized workshops and training for your team
  • Customized keynotes and presentations for groups
  • Book discussion groups - Prisoners of Our Thoughts

Innovating with Meaning
integrating creative and strategic thinking with the human side of innovation

  • Personalized coaching and consulting services
  • Customized workshops and training
  • Customized keynotes and presentations for groups
  • Designing Innovation Groups (DIGs) focused on the specific issues and challenges you face in your organization
  • Innovation Assessments...for individual core competency, team and your organization
  • Book discussion groups - The Seeds of Innovation

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