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...Musical Expressions from the Heart with Jessica Roemischer


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Jessica plays “When You Wish Upon a Star”

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Once in a while someone comes along to create a whole new perspective on the power of the human spirit. So it is with the remarkable work of pianist and music educator, Jessica Roemischer and the music she makes in partnership with people from 18 months to 84 years old. This inspiring self-learning exhibit invites you to witness the possibilities that emerge when you can put differences to work on a mission to make beautiful music. In the process, a transformation takes place before your eyes...and it will touch you.

Interview with Jessica Roemischer
The visual self-learning exhibit above serves as a prelude to our very special conversation with Jessica Roemischer.

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The Transformative Power of Piano Duet Improvisation

“The ability to express beauty through music is inherent in us all
and unfettered by any limitation.”

-- Jessica Roemischer

Pianist and music educator, Jessica Roemischer has worked with hundreds of individuals on four continents—people ranging in age from 18 months to 84 years, as well as those with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism.

Using an innovative approach to piano duet improvisation, she creates a dynamic field of trust and exploration. As each person places his or her hands on the keys, self-consciousness falls away as unique combinations of notes, gestures, and rhythms arise. Individuals begin to venture into the unknown, compelled by the sounds emerging from their fingers.

Without fail, everyone who has ever improvised in duet with Jessica has come forth with music of disarming originality. Time and again, people emerge simply and fully as themselves--authentic, creative, alive.

These piano improvisations with a myriad of individuals demonstrate music’s power to release the inmost self, revealing that our essence as human beings is indescribably Positive and Beautiful. Indeed, this is the catalytic message that Jessica Roemischer is endeavoring to bring to the world.

Learn more in Exceptional Parent magazine in an article by Jessica Roemischer entitled “The Transformative Power of Piano Improvisation.” Click here and choose Preview Article.

Experiencing Differences in Duet
Take a front row seat to see the transformations take place in two selected videos below...and enjoy the reflections from those who have experienced piano duet with Jessica Roemischer.

Differences in DuetIn Their Own Words
Quotes, a poem and photos (downloadable PDF)



Katherine Konner improvises with Jessica Roemischer
at the Integral Spiritual Experience Conference, January 2010

“Improvising with you was like finding grace.
You helped me reconnect to my own beat."

-- Katherine Konner

The Riverbrook Residence Women – Piano Duet Performances

About Jessica Roemischer

Jessica Roemischer is a pianist and music educator. Since graduating magna cum laude from Princeton University in 1982, she has performed and taught music internationally as well as on the faculty of Middlebury College, VT. Her work is based on the conviction that the ability to express beauty through music is our inherent human birthright. Roemischer conducts interactive performances and music workshops throughout the United States and abroad. She also teaches privately and at Riverbrook Residence for Women in Stockbridge, MA. Her innovative music program at Riverbrook has been supported by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Caroline and James Taylor.

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