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"Let him that would move the world, first move himself." --Socrates

The Global Dialogue Center is dedicated to keeping our community thinking, questioning, exploring new ideas, learning more and spending meaningful time together in ways we once never imagined. We invite you to join in the ongoing conversations through our blogs and forums:

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Putting Our Differences to Work iconPUTTING OUR DIFFERENCES TO WORK Blog
Explore the fastest way to innovation, leadership, and high performance with author, Debbe Kennedy, founder of the Global Dialogue Center. An ongoing conversation with lessons learned, “good news,” and inspiration from the journeys of leaders and innovators across the world, past and present. Debbe Kennedy, author of Putting Our Differences to Work: The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership, and High Performance (Foreword by futurist and filmmaker, Joel Barker). Learn more...

Also sign-up for Debbe Kennedy’s online Economic Conversation Series and more...virtual online global conversations designed to help you step out in front at this time of both economic crisis and opportunity. Learn more, see dialogue schedule, sign-up...

Innovation at the Verge iconJoel Barker’s INNOVATION AT THE VERGE Blog
Joel Barker’s extends the discussion in his new 2009 landmark video, Innovation at the Verge, by highlighting new examples of “innovations at the verge” and by offering periodic discussions about the Verge concept. His stories are perfect for trainers using the film. They expand your choices of examples for the Innovation at the Verge workshops. If you are just curious about the concept, these examples should offer further proof of the utility of the idea.

Good News iconJoel Barker’s GOOD NEWS Blog
This blog is the result of Joel Barker having an epiphany.

”Over the years, I’ve exhorted my audiences to make sure they share positive news about the future with their children to demonstrate that good things are being done all over the world by good people. People have asked me where to find this good news and I’ve given them a vague answer like, “It is scattered all over the media.” One day I realized that I read all over the media and I know the good news. Why the heck wasn’t I summarizing it for others to read?” Now he writes about “good news” for us all.

Women in the Lead iconWomen in the Lead INSPIRATION Blog
Offering of Women in the Lead ... a unique resource center for women around the world.
An ongoing source of insight, inspiration and sage advice for women that comes with an invitation for conversation and sharing of ideas. Seeded regularly with the personal writings of Debbe Kennedy, founder, president and CEO, Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions Companies and contributing author, Maureen Simon, Maureen Simon Consulting in San Francisco.


with Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., author, Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles at Work and founder, Center for Meaning. Personal writings and ongoing conversation with a focus on exploring our human quest to find deeper meaning and fulfillment in our lives and work. Learn more about Alex Pattakos, Ph.D. at the Global Dialogue Center.

Bill iconDIALOGUE WITH BILL : Life and Work with a Disability Blog
Personal writings, ongoing conversation with a human touch and a gathering place to find friends, coaching and mentoring. Hosted by Bill Tipton, Hewlett-Packard Project Manager and accessibility tools expert ---- and a champion of making a difference and overcoming adversity. Bill shares inspiring stories from his own life, triumphs in others' lives and offers news and commentary on events. Read Bill Tipton's inspiring story.


John Perkins iconJOHN PERKINS at the Global Dialogue Center BLOG
with the author of the New York Times Bestseller, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Ongoing political and personal commentary by John Perkins. Learn more about John Perkins at the Global Dialogue Center.

Exploring the Better FutureJOHN RENESCH: Exploring the Better Future
Join the conversation with pioneering entrepreneur turned humanitarian futurist, writer and thought-leader, John Renesch. He is a dedicated advocate of a global shift in human consciousness, leading what he calls a "conscious evolution." Learn more about his work at the Global Dialogue Center.

Current events, daily life, politics and inspiration with Debbe Kennedy, author, president, CEO and founder of the Global Dialogue Center, Leadership Solutions Companies.

World Vision DialogueWORLD VISION DIALOGUE: Building a New Collective Dream
Dialogue seeded by, Oguchi Nkwocha, M.D., Igbo visionary from Biafra/south-eastern Nigeria and Debbe Kennedy, founder of the Global Dialogue Center. Inspired by our 24seven forums on John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

What You Can Do iconWhat YOU CAN DO with JoshuaPeaceSeeker Hughes
A passionate mover and doer, committed to changing the world a little bit every day. Ongoing source of practical ideas to help you become a catalyst for change right now where you live; learn from others and contribute your ideas of what we CAN DO to today to begin creating a better world. Inspired by our 24seven forums and John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.


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