LEADERSHIP by Example 2011 Series The NEXT Leader of the Future

Online Dialogues
at the Global Dialogue Center

LEADERSHIP by Example 2011 Series
The NEXT Leader of the Future
Thursday, December 8, 2011
with executive thought-leader, Frances Hesselbein
President and CEO, Leader to Leader Institute
Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom,
the highest civilian honor in the United States of America

Welcome to YOU! ...an online global conversation to explore preparing to LEAD for mission, innovation, and diversity in a changing world at the Global Dialogue Center ONLINE CONFERENCE CENTER; hosted by Debbe Kennedy, author and founder of the Global Dialogue Center. This virtual ONLINE webinar at the Global Dialogue Center attracted over 325 people from 20 countries.

Brought to you by the Global Dialogue Center in partnership with Leader to Leader Institute.


VIDEO REPLAY | To view, click on this link or the image below
NOTES: Allow a few seconds for the link to open;
Segment timings and Slideshow Summary and Handouts below.

Dec. 8 video

Below are beginning times for key segments of our global conversation:

00:00 Piano Prelude, Welcome and Introduction
Debbe Kennedy and Frances Hesselbein
Piano by Jessica Roemischer
-- 00:00 - INTRODUCTION | About the dialogue and the participants
-- 02:05 - The Path to Become a Leader | Defining Moments
-- 10:24 - Actionable Ideas to Inspire Leaders and Innovators of the Future
-- 22:34 - Frances responds to participant questions
-- 41:39 - Resources to Expand the Learning Experience
-- 43:42 - Closing Thoughts | Frances’ Messages for You to Take Home
46:49 Informal Dialogue with Participants | Virtual Break
Participants from United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa, Germany/China
take the microphone to ask questions; others submitted write-in questions
on our virtual walls.
62:15 The FINAL WORD and Piano Finale with Photo Collage
Frances and Debbe share their final words and wishes for you;
Piano by Jessica Roemischer

All documents are in pdf format

  2. BIO | Frances Hesselbein
  3. PARTICIPANT’s Defining Moments and Best Advice | Peer to Peer Sharing
  4. About Leader to Leader Institute
  5. ARTICLE: Frances Hesselbein | Her Defining Moment
  6. ARTICLE: Frances Hesselbein | Fortune Magazine 2011
  7. ARTICLE: Moving Beyond UNCERTAINTY| Overcoming Resistance to Change
    by Debbe Kennedy | Leader to Leader Journal | Fall 2011
  8. BOOK Overview - PODTW by Debbe Kennedy
  9. Global Dialogue Center Brochure



Global Dialogue Center, a virtual gathering place

Leader to Leader Institute, strengthening leadership of the social sector

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Debbe Kennedy, author and founder Global Dialogue Center

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Differences in Duet exhibit at the Women’s Gallery at the Global Dialogue Center


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LEADERSHIP by Example Series 2011
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LEADERSHIP by Example 2011 Series
with celebrated leader, Frances Hesselbein


Brought to you by the KNOWLEDGE GALLERY at the Global Dialogue Center ONLINE CONFERENCE CENTER


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