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We came to be heard
We came as equals

...celebrating three remarkable days in history

presented by the KNOWLEDGE GALLERY at the Global Dialogue Center

Backbone magazineAs seen in Backbone Magazine, November-December 2006



Connecting the World: A new collaboration system lets anyone, anywhere voice an opinion by Lisa Manfield.

Backbone Magazine has a primary focus on how technology enhances business processes, markets, profitability and productivity and works as an active participant in the changing business world.

Great firsts in history start with an idea and belief in the unseen. Sometimes they are witnessed. Sometimes they go unnoticed. Always they cross a threshold, opening the way for more innovation to follow. We are proud to present this commemorative visual, self-learning exhibit, celebrating three days in history, when the people of the world came together in an unprecedented online dialogue for the 1st TIME. Together, they worked to share ideas -- and to put their ideas into action -- in search of solutions to the most critcal issues of our cities and our planet. The work endures; actions are underway in big and small ways; and a new threshold in human communication has been crossed.

We pay special tribute, in this work, to the visionary leadership of the Government of Canada, UN-Habitat and IBM -- specifically, Charles Kelly, Commissioner General, World Urban Forum III, Anna Tibaijuka, Under-Secretary-General, United Nations and Executive Director, UN Habitat and Mike Wing, VP, Strategic Communications, IBM -- for their visionary leadership, for IBM's JAM technology taken to a new level, for their belief in people and possibilities, and for the collaboration of trusted partners and champions across the world that brought this small miracle to life for all of us.


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Habitat JamThe Story of the Habitat JAM
First they came by the hundreds; then by the thousands. They came from around the world to the Habitat JAM - the first of its kind and the largest public engagement on Urban Sustainability in history. This is their story.
Produced by IBM

Watch the video by clicking here or on the Habitat Jam image:

Habitat Jam video



Habitat JAM: The Rest of the Story
with Charles Kelly, Commissioner General, World Urban Forum III (WUF)

joined by Debbe Kennedy, founder, Global Dialogue Center and Dr. Alex Pattakos, author, Prisoners of Our Thoughts, and principal, The Innovation Group in Santa Fe for this reflective discussion about the Habitat JAM and what has happened since the historic event. Recorded live on KSFR Public Radio, streaming on the web to the world in Santa Fe, September 2006.

The podcast includes...

  • Dr. Alex Pattakos sets the stage with reflections on the historic Habitat Jam.
  • Debbe Kennedy gives a glimpse into the Jam experience and its rippling influence.
  • Charles Kelly, Commissioner General, WUF3 shares a powerful account from his personal experience of the Habitat JAM and the World Urban Forum III (WUF).

LISTEN NOW (44:57, 25.8MB)

Also available on iTUNES by searching Global Dialogue Center or by clicking iTUNES link button




Habitat Jam
World Urban Forum III
On-Mark-IT Consulting (Habitat Jam Producer)


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