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Viktor Frankl Collection at the Global Dialogue Center!

Many people around the world have been touched by Viktor Frankl’s work. This is true for me, too. I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to meet him in person, have the gift of his influence on my life and work---and to seek his counsel. It led to my own quest for meaning and he became a leadership role model for me, practicing what he preached. For all these reasons and more, I am honored to serve as the host of this special collection at the Global Dialogue Center---a tribute to Viktor Frankl’s life and legacy, which will forever bring light to darkness.

Our goal is to continue to enhance the Viktor Frankl Collection at the Global Dialogue Center, inviting you into the process, sharing ideas and resources and engaging with YOU in a dialogue at this critical time in our history --- working to put Viktor Frankl's principles to work to create a better world for all of us.

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Alex Pattakos, Ph.D. author and founder, Center for Meaning

Honorary Advisory Council, Statue of Responsibility Foundation

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Viktor Frankl lecture

Dr. Alex Pattakos was keynote speaker at The Eighth Annual Viktor Frankl Lecture on May 25 in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Pattakos delivered "Discovering the Meaning Difference" at the University of Saint Michael's College at the University of Toronto sponsored by the Viktor Frankl Institute Toronto in conjunction with The Viktor Frank Study Group Toronto.

The lecture was filmed by TV Ontario, has been broadcast on Big Ideas, and is available on iTunes.

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"I'm both excited and humbled by the opportunity -- and honored to deliver the 8th Annual Viktor Frankl Lecture. Indeed, it is a blessing!"

--- Dr. Alex Pattakos
author, Prisoners of Our Thoughts, and founder, Center of Meaning

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Viktor Frankl:
The man, his message, his principles

Commemorate exhibit celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Viktor Frankl’s birth.

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THE POWER OF VISION – Viktor Frankl’s Story

Filmed on location at Auschwitz, Joel A. Barker, famed futurist and filmmaker, chronicles Viktor Frankl's experience in his classic film, The Power of Vision. His message demonstrates the power of having a positive vision of the future to help overcome the seemingly insurmountable.

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Joel A. Barker is also author, Five Regions of the Future and Paradigms
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Viktor Frankl's Principles
Resources for your quest for meaning

Prisoners of Our Thoughts
Second Edition
by Alex Pattakos, Ph.D.

Prisoners of Our Thoughts is available in paperback, Audiobook CD, and digital download formats.

Prisoners of Our Thoughts applies Viktor Frankl's philosophy and therapeutic approach to life and work in the 21st century, detailing seven principles for increasing your capacity to deal with life-work challenges, finding meaning in your daily life and work, and achieving your highest potential.

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Perspectives and Other References

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