Moments of Insight COLLECTION at the Global Dialogue Center

in·sight --- the power or act of seeing into a situation

Our Moments of Insight
comes with distinctive

  • notable thought-leaders
  • six 6-10 minute episodes
  • focused content
  • knowledge shared
  • what YOU can do ideas
  • learning on-the-go
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • downloadable to share (no digital rights management)
  • available on iTUNES

Our Moments of Insight audio learning series was inspired by our Global Dialogue Center Community and represents our intentional focus and commitment to the highest quality virtual leadership, professional and personal development experiences. It represents another new way of putting our differences to work for the good of all. Each individual series captures insights from notable thought-leaders in their respective fields.

Listening options

Insight Authors:

Emily Duncan | Stewart Levine | Alex Pattakos
John Perkins | John Renesch | Lynne Twist


Our Insights Library:

Creating Sustainable Collaboration
with Stewart Levine, author of two compelling books: Getting to Resolution and The Book of Agreement

Learn more and listen now

Discovering Deeper Meaning
with Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., author, Prisoners of Our Thoughts
(Buy the book)
, a book based on the wisdom of his mentor and teacher, Dr. Viktor Frankl

Learn more and listen now

Learn more
about Dr. Pattakos meaning-focused work.



Diversity & Inclusion
The Meaning Behind the Words

with Emily Duncan, Vice President, Culture & Diversity,
Hewlett-Packard Company

Learn more and listen now

See other contributions by Emily Duncan at the Global Dialogue Center.



Money, Sustainability, Abundance and YOU
with Lynne Twist, author and founder, Soul of Money Institute

Learn more and listen now



Our GEO-Political Crisis and YOU
with John Perkins,
New York Times
Bestselling Author,
The Secret History of the American Empire (Buy the book) and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Buy the book)

Learn more and listen now

Visit the John Perkins COLLECTION at the Global Dialogue Center.


with John Renesch, futurist and author,
Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing

Learn more and listen now



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